1950 / Solunto, Sycylia, Italy

A ropemaker workshop in Sicily

The photograph shows a ropemaker stretching a thread between a ropemaking wheel and a peg, supported by a ropemaking rake. Also visible in the photo are two boys, one of whom is turning a crank to move the rope wheel. Along the stretched strings walks a man dressed in black. The cordage track (the place where the cords are twisted) is located along the wall. The factory (stamp on the reverse): “PHOTO GOLDNER / 4, Square Claude Debussy, 4 / PARIS-17e / CARNOT 43-81”. Handwritten inscription on the reverse: “Sicile / un cordier à Solunto”. material / technique: paper, photography dimensions: height / width 17.8 cm / 18 cm
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1950 / Solunto, Sicily, Italy

A ropemaking workshop in Sicily