XIX/XX w. / Germiany(?)

A rope reel from a workshop in Nowy Wisnicz


A rope wheel – from a large flywheel moved by a crank, the drive by means of a belt is transferred to rollers with hooks (three or more – in a fan-shaped arrangement). It is possible to adjust the height of the upper part, in which the rollers were fixed – unfortunately, in this copy not preserved. The belts (two) were made of several leather (clothing) strips joined together.

The machine was purchased in Nowy Wisnicz and came from the workshop of Leopold Julian Kosturkiewicz. The ropemakers of this name in nearby Bochnia produced ropes as early as the 18th century. – Until modern times. It is likely that one of the craftsmen moved his workshop to Nowy Wiśnicz.

Leopold Julian Kosturkiewicz produced cordage products for farmers in the near and distant vicinity. At work, as was usual, the whole family helped his father, including children – from a young age. Among them was also daughter Cecilia, who learned the craft in her father’s workshop. Although she later no longer had a connection with ropemaking, she did not forget the skills she had acquired. She was eager to share her knowledge and experience, which she proved by participating in classes organized by the Center for Regional Education in Stary Wiśnicz, which functions at the Municipal Cultural Center in Nowy Wiśnicz. This institution attaches great importance to finding manifestations of cultural activities of past times in the region. One of them are disappearing professions, folk crafts and skills. The topic of one of the workshops held for teachers and instructors on November 15-17, 2011 was cordage. A special guest was Mrs. Cecylia Załupska, who led a demonstration of cordage twisting. Cordage, braiding and tissue paper making were also the subject of a lecture entitled “Disappearing folk crafts and skills.” In the second part of the workshop, participants made braided baskets, jewelry and flowers using twine. There was also a theme for the upcoming Christmas, it was string angels and traditional spiders. Necessary knowledge, instructions were provided to the students by Bernadetta Błoniarz and Agata Załupska.

Mrs. Cecilia Załupska passed away in early 2023.


wood, iron


height / length / width

137 cm / 60

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Rope wheel from the workshop in Nowy Wiśnicz

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