1920s – 1930s / Cracow

The ropemaker store in Cracow, 8 Mariacki Square

Photograph shows men feeding pigeons in front of a ropemaking store in Kraków, 8 Mariacki Square (7). Visible in the background is the store window with the signboard: “ROPEMAKING PRODUCTS OF POPĘD J. WAŁKOWINSKI SYN FACTORY”. The products on offer are displayed behind the glass.
Jozef Walkowinski’s ropemaking factory (Rynek Dębnicki 14/15), established after 1920, was the largest ropemaking factory in Cracow. It produced twine, rope, cordage and other hemp and wire products. The factory’s name “Popęd” was a synonym for the word drive used at the time – as flat ropes were often used as transmission belts in factories or mills. The factory had a company store at 8 St. Mary’s Square.
(Information from: upadektechnikikrakowa.blogspot.com)
Earlier, at the end of the 19th century, Karol Walkowiński’s Hemp and Wire Rope Factory in Krakow (Pędzichów 17). It supplied cordage products to, among others, Salina in Wieliczka.
material / technique:
paper, photography
height / width
8.5 cm / 6.8 cm