On Sunday, June 5, 2016 in Wieliczka, a Polish record was set in manually makeing the longest rope. The event happened as part of an emergency for children and teenagers during the events of Wieliczka Skręca Linę.
Breaking the record for the longest string started with checking the source to make sure that all conditions have been met. Replicas of rope making machines were prepared, and the record-breaking participants took care of every detail of period costumes. This was an additional difficulty, but also an attraction of the event. At 11:00 am, rope maker Marek Skubisz presented the process of stretching effective jute strings between rope making machines (4 bundles of 10 strings each).
Special stands between the machines are important, as are the inverted grippers, which prevent the strings from tangling. After stretching and properly creating the weak strings, the rotation of the compound began. The initial length of the strings, i.e. the distance between the machines, was 173.5 meters. The turning process was supervised by a rope maker who, with the help of his team, ensured the speed of twisting and the uniformity of the turn.
After approximately 90 hours, the old cords are ready to start twisting the longest working cord. One of the rope-making machines was movable, a string was twisted along it. This load was supervised by two people who properly loaded and resisted the machine. the most important elements were to ensure that the cords did not fall to the ground, which was not transportable at this length, and that they did not intertwine while rotating. With an increase in the density of twists, the cord can unwind. It was necessary to ensure that the opposite torsionals balanced each other. Experience expertise to turn a rope with a record length of 152.5 meters.
The final few meters were graced by the Mining Orchestra. The entire workshop was organized and conducted by Sznuroroba z Wieliczka, composed of: Marek Skubisz, Elżbieta Skubisz, Piotr Skubisz, Olga Skórska, and Antonii Skubisz. The main characters who could legally shoot that day were two teams from the football schools of the Górnik Wieliczka club and the Wieliczka Football Academy. All the time, the area was guarded by the troops of the 4th Regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw, which set up their camp in the immediate vicinity, and patrols were carried out by Austrian soldiers.
The previous Polish record in the same category is 117.8 m and was set in the village of Oleśnica in the commune of Olesno.
The current Polish record for the longest hand-twisted rope is 180.01 meters! It was established in Elbląg in 2017.