before 1724 / Jeremias Wolff / Augsburg, Germany

Der Seiler

The engraving shows a ropemaker (right) spinning thread from hemp fibers, which he has wrapped around his waist, wrapped in an apron. Standing next to him is a woman (left), who, according to the text below, is the owner of a ropemaking workshop, assisted by a man in love with her. The second ropemaker turning the crank of the machine (the ropemaking wheel) can be seen slightly behind the first ropemaker. Actually, they should be facing each other, but perhaps the author made such a move for compositional reasons. A castle on a hill is visible in the background.

Der Seiler.

Ich helff euch früh und spat die stärcksten Seile spinnen

Und ihr habt selbsten mich ans liebes-Seil gebracht.

Ich helff euch euer Brod durch meinen Fleiß gewinnen,

Helfft ihr mir zu dem Fleisch, wornach mein Herzte tracht.

Hätt ich den Liebes-Gott, der mich so sehr thut kräncken,

Ich wolt ihn heute noch mit diesem Strick aufhencken.


I help you from dawn till night to spin the strongest ropes

And You alone lead me on a love cord.

I help You through my toil to gain Your bread,

Let me gain the carnal reward my heart craves.

If I had this idol of love that experiences me so much,

I would still like to hang it today on this here cord.

(Translated by Ewa Dybczynska)

On the left: “C. Pr. S. C. Majest.” [Cum Privilegio Sacræ Caesareæ Maiestatis – by permission of the Holy Imperial Majesty]. On the right: “Ieremias Wolff excudit Aug. Vind.” [Jeremias Wolff engraved, Augusta Vindelicorum = Augsburg].

Jeremias Wolff (1663-1724) – Augsburg copperplate engraver and publisher; built the largest art publishing house of the 1st half of the 18th century, which employed the best engravers of its time.

material / technique

paper, copperplate


height / width

35 cm / 23 cm

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