1910/ca. 1950 / Côte d’Or, France

A ropemaker at a ropemaking wheel in France

A ropemaker (Cordière) sits on a chair at the machine, which she drives by turning a crank. A cord is attached to a large flywheel that sets the hook (or hooks) in motion. A ropemaker stands in front of the flywheel. He has hemp fibers wrapped around his waist, indicating that he intends to spin the thread by hooking the fibers onto the machine’s hook. Also attached to the machine’s structure is a motowid with the threaded rope. The ropemakers are working next to a stately stone-built building under a tree. The photo was taken in the Côte d’Or region, France.
The negative is dated circa 1910, the photograph was developed circa 1950.
The maker (stamp on the reverse): “PHOTO GOLDNER / 4, Square Claude Debussy, 4 / PARIS-17e / CARNOT 43-81”.
Handwritten inscription on the reverse: “Cordiere / Côte d’Or / 1910”.
material / technique:
paper, photography
height / width
17.6 cm / 24.2 cm